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Andreas Roth

Andreas Roth is one of the most successful alumni of the advertising film course at the Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg. His spec spot for the Dirt Devil brand won the PORSCHE AWARD in 2011 and was also shown in the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

The quality of his films quickly brought him attention from international production companies, and he was contracted by Ridley Scott’s company RSA Films in Los Angeles as soon as he graduated from film school.

He has since returned to his home city of Hamburg, where he had already filmed a number of short films as a sixth-form student, and where, as a computer game enthusiast, he taught himself the art of editing by working with in-game scenarios.

Andreas gained his first media-industry experiences through an internship with the advertising film production company Markenfilm GmbH, where he was able to analyse directing roles and later also work on film shoots. Following that he moved to the Jung von Matt agency and realised his first official advertising spot as a director for the Hamburger Morgenpost. He submitted that film as part of his successful application to study Directing with a special focus on Advertising Film at the Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg.

“The films I created during my studies are still some of my personal favourites to this day, not least because you were free to explore your creative side with no time pressure. It’s all very different in the real world of professional filmmaking. You’re more likely to have three days for the edit, rather than three months.”

In addition to his Dirt Devils spot, Andreas demonstrated his affinity for the thriller and horror genre during his studies with films such as “Typewriter”, for which he received a Porsche Award Special Mention, and “Fears”, for which he received one of the prestigious prizes in 2013.

“I generally go for darker films such as David Fincher’s Se7en, films that manage to grip viewers and keep up the tension right to the end. I’m always impressed when a film gets that right.”

However, Andreas also feels right at home in other genres. With his work for Fila, Oceana and O’Neill, he quickly proved that he is capable not only of shocking his audience, but also of inspiring and moving them too.

He therefore advises aspiring filmmakers to stay true to themselves, while always remaining open to new things. Flexibility and interdisciplinary exchange in the media industry will become increasingly important in future, he says.

For that reason, he has developed his own creative magazine (Akkurat Journal) in which he publishes the views of and conversations with industry professionals. It’s all about establishing a shared dialogue, he says, which is why festivals are also so important.

“Prizes such as the PORSCHE AWARD are a great opportunity for filmmakers to raise their profile. The Porsche name obviously enjoys great standing internationally and it therefore makes sense for the award ceremony to be held abroad on a rotating basis as a way of promoting global exchange between filmmakers. For me the whole thing was always a great event, although I’m still waiting for my 911! (laughs).”

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