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Recently I had the opportunity to teach the International Screen Acting Workshop at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg in Ludwigsburg, Germany. It was an enriching experience for me, not least because this was a strong group of vibrant, talented actors from all over Europe. As each actor had chosen to come to Ludwigsburg specifically to take part in an intensive, the overall commitment and passion of the group was at a high level. They took adjustments well, brought a strong preparation and attacked the work with humor and commitment. It was a dynamic two days of work and my only complaint was that we didn't have longer. Marc Aden Gray, Presentation Ignition, Actor, Writer

"I had the pleasure of working with the actors of the Filmakademie's International Acting Workshop 2016 during their 6 week stay in Ludwigsburg. The caliber of work, professionalism and charisma was astounding, each in his/her uniquely individual way. This impressive group reflects the potential of the ever-broadening international market and the rich exchange of its talents. This year's workshop participants are among some of the finest young and undiscovered actors Europe has to offer and will bring their vibrance to any production they are in." Lily Erlinger, Writer/Director

"This was a special bunch – because they were open, enthusiastic and curious and kept at it even when exhaustion set in. They were attentive as well as supportive when acting together and motivated one another to take risks. First and foremost they respected the work and – without reservation – truly welcomed the opportunity to discover how learning about language and pronunciation could be incorporated into their acting. It was a joy to watch them work, play and act and I am curious to see where their promising artistic paths will take them." Simone Dietrich, Dialogue Coach



“I really enjoyed spending an intense time with the actors of the international film acting workshop. Their stunningly high level and the diversity of skills, characters and biographies were so impressive that it will be a pleasure for everyone to see those talents in front of a camera where they will certainly shine.”
Nina Haun, Casting Director

"In December 2016 I had the great privilege of teaching this class of international actors. What a pleasure it was to work with them for three days. To begin with, they are such a well balanced group of mature, thoughtful and creative people whose talents are clearly visible immediately. They are, of course, all unique, but they universally share the same commitment, hunger, professionalism and power that is the mark of any truly good actor. As a group, they have a genuine care and respect for each other and lack totally the insidious ego that so often pollutes the group dynamic.My particular field is in teaching actors to work in performance capture. To almost everyone I teach, this subject is entirely alien to them, and yet this group approached it with an inquisitiveness and willingness to explore that made it a joy to teach them. I presented them with numerous new concepts, skills and techniques and they absorbed them, worked with them and shortly thereafter demonstrated these new abilities with flair. Each and every new exercise and game I offered them, they committed themselves to it fully, exploring with both seriousness and playfulness. I was delighted and impressed.Were I to be handed these actors for any dramatic project, be it film, television, theatre or performance capture, I should feel delighted to have been gifted such a talented and professional cast. I look forward to seeing all their achievements unfold and hope that I may at some point find myself working professionally with them.” Oliver Hollis-Leick, Actor, Voice and Performance Capture Artist