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Programm 14. und 15. Juli 2020 (Änderungen vorbehalten)

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ACHTUNG: Das Programm wird laufend angepasst. Die aktuellste Fassung ist über unser Programm Kaltura verfügbar (Zugang für Gäste und Pitchende ab Veranstaltungswoche)!

Screen.Time international 2021 / Pitchings (Mittwoch, 14.7.)
Stand: 05.07.21

10.00 - 11.00 BLOCK 1: FERNSEHJOURNALISMUS / 60min

  • FSJ Diplom: Eine Geschichte über Moderne Sagen, Vivienne Klaissle, Sprache: D       
  • FSJ Diplom: Schutzweste statt Schreibtisch (AT), Lotta Pommerien, Sprache: D            
  • FSJ Diplom: Filasṭīn, Jonathan Scheid, Sprache: EN
  • FSJ Diplom: Hundeleben / A Dog´s Life, Marina Schulz, Moritz Schulz: Sprache: D oder EN
  • FSJ Diplom: Searching Blanka, Marina Schulz, Fabian Janssen         

11.00 - 11.30 BLOCK 2: ALUMNI / 30min

  • ALUMNI, Firmenpräsentation Domar, Dominik Utz, Martin Schwimmer, Sprache: D
  • ALUMNI, Serie Finders Keepers, Oliver Krause, Sprache: D

12.30 - 13.30 BLOCK 3: DOKUMENTARFILM / 60min

  • DOK 3: Wem gehört die Stadt? Jennifer Mallmann, Sprache: D
  • DOK 3: Who is Europe? Maite Bengsch, Lisa Brunke, Sprache: EN
  • DOK Diplom: Artikel 8, Denis Pavlovic, Daniel Tenné, Sprache: D
  • DOK Diplom: Nature Speaks (AT), Felix Golenko, Sprache: EN

13.30 – 14.15 BLOCK 4: SERIE UND WERBEFILM / 45min

  • WERBUNG Diplom: Smallpox, Mario Dahl, Sprache: D
  • SERIE Diplom: Black Savior (AT), Johannes Krug, Franziska Unger, Leon Harms, Sprache: EN
  • SERIE Diplom: Opus, Lane Dabringhausen (Lena Schäfer), Samuel Schroth (Samuel Gheist), Sprache: D + EN

14.30 – 15.30 BLOCK 5: PERSONAL PITCHES / 45min

  • PERSONAL PITCH, Szenischer Film Diplomjahr: Steve Bache, Sprache: D    
  • PERSONAL PITCH, D/Serie 4: Raúl Semmler, Sprache: D
  • PERSONAL PITCH, D/Serie Diplom: Tetiana Trofusha, Sprache: D

15.30 – 16.15 BLOCK 6: SZENISCHE FILME  / 60min

  • Sz. Kurzfilm, IP Diplom, ANNA - A tale for tomorrow, Christina Honig, Sprache: EN
  • Sz. Film Diplom, Das Rauschen zw. Deinen Ohren, Elena Schilling, Dominik Hafenmaier, Sprache: D
  • Sz. Film Diplom, Beat-Boy Ben, Valentin Burkhardt, Sprache: D
  • Sz. Film Diplom, UN Slap Commission, Valentin Burkhardt, Stephan Kämpf, Sprache: D oder EN
  • Präsentation SLAP COMMISSION - der Film



    Eine positive Verschwörungstheorie über das größte Geheimnis der Vereinten Nationen.

    Drehbuch: Stephan Kämpf, Valentin Burkhardt
    Regie: Stephan Kämpf, Valentin Burkhardt
    Bildgestaltung/Kamera: Manuel Meinhardt
    Filmmusik: Peter Albrecht, Dritan Angoni, Marvin Tom Gerstmeier, Philipp Lust, Hakan Maz, Kilian Oser
    Ton: Christoph Mysiakowski, Willi Rätzsch, Max Zirkelbach
    Schnitt: Moritz Henne
    Motion Design: Jörg Kahlhöfer
    VFX-Supervisor: Tim Markgraf
    Beleuchter*in: Garry Sonneborn
    Sprecher: Peter Seaton-Clark
    Koproduktion: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg GmbH
    Produktion: Marvin Pascal Marte, Gabriel Waldvogel
    Darsteller*in: Buenaventura Lorraine Negron Rivera Braunstein, Patrick Brennan, Christian Harting, Hüseyin Kutlucan, Yanik Müller, Sie-Min Park, Errol Record, Hans Schenker, Peter Seaton-Clark, Dr. Gabriele Seel

Screen.Time international 2021 / Pitchings Thursday, 15 July,

10 am – 11.15 am CEST -10.00 - 12.00 MESZ
BLOCK 1: International Class

10:00 Introduction/International Projects at FABW
FABW is entertaining a lively network of international programs, which is continuously being filled with life by its numerous participants and alumni. The most recent of their projects and the people behind them will be presented in this program.

10:05 How Grants Can Facilitate Co-Productions
A conversation with Dr. Andreas Weber, Head of Education Department, Baden-Wuerttemberg Stiftung In order to grow, international networks and personal relationships need substantial support. A conversation about the foundation’s contribution to student co-productions.

10:15 Inventory: CORONA, THE WORLD AND ME
10 Alumni of the International Class at FABW were asked to produce micro-documentaries about their perception of life during the pandemic. The section features a first look into excepts of the film, and interviews with concept director, David Spaeth and with directors of one of the episodes.

10:30 Artistic Research: Le soulèvement de l’homme ordinaire
Clément Scheider, PhD student of the SACRe program in Paris, produced an experimental film about the German refomer Thomas Muentzer in the frame of his PhD thesis

10:45 Focus on Namibia: German-Namibian Exchange Program
Thanky Hamutenya has spent a term as a guest Student and developed and directed a short fiction called LAUF during his time in Germany with a mixed team of Filmakademie- and int. guest students. He will talk about his student exchange experience and the making of Lauf.

11:00 Sustainable Networking: Working in India
At the Indian Cinema Workshop in 2018, Arthur Ortlieb (FABW cinematography student) met Indian director Ramesh Holbole. They are currently jointly developing the film SUDHARAK OLWE - LIFE AND WORK, for production in India.

11:15 END

1 pm – 3 pm CEST - 13:00 – 15:00 MESZ 

BLOCK 2: Animationsinstitut

Re-Screening of our students‘ successful FMX 2021 presentations at SCREEN.TIME international

For all those who missed this year’s online FMX 2021, we will rescreen our students’ project presentations at Filmakademie’s pitching event SCREEN.TIME international on 14-15 July, 2021. Have a look at the entire event 

Livestream: Mediaportal Filmakademie - Menupunkt “30Something – die FABW feiert!“

Detailed Programme:

1.     The Most Boring Granny in the whole World

Damaris Zielke (Directing), Jiayan Chen (Animation Effects Producing), Verena Nomura (Assets Lead), Janik Otterbach (Technical Directing)

Greta has the most boring grandma in the whole world. When she falls asleep on the sofa, Greta gets the idea, to play funeral with her grandma. This confronts them with some questions they didn’t ask themselves before. Because what remains when you have to leave life behind?

2.    Dodo´s Papa is an Engineer 

Yi Luo (Directing), Jiayan Chen (Animation Effects Producing)

Dodo is ten. Her father is a big blue bird. One day he flies away from the window, but has not come back since then. Mother and Dodo are monitored by mysterious men in grey suits. From that summer on Dodo hasn’t grown any more.

3.    Klimax

Bea Höller (Directing), Jiayan Chen (Animation Effects Producing), Mariia Prokopenko (Animation), Justus Schmidt (Technical Director), Martin Egger (FX Artist), Ramon Schauer (Sculpting)

In KLIMAX, we create the inner world of the female organ with abstract and associative images. Our main protagonist, Barbie, goes through a process of transformation. She emerges like Alice in Wonderland into a magical world, a place of temptation and joy. It is a fantastic place that makes her change little by little to get rid of her stiffness and repression. She passes through several different phases, melting away with exhilaration until she reaches her climax - an implicit orgasm - becomes a liquid magic gel. In this process, eroticism is not created by explicit pictures, but by associative images and movement.

4.    St. Android

Lukas von Berg (Directing)

Every day Norman sits at his wife’s hospital bed hoping she might just be able to talk to him, so they can say their good byes. But the hospital bed, an advanced robot system, tells him that she will die in the next hour. A priest will be sent to him for guidance. Norman hopes for help and is shocked when an android enters and introduces itself as the priest. Desperately, Norman agrees to take the Robopreacher as his guide in this most human situation.

5.    Evening Walk

Max Auer (Directing), Isabella Braun (Animation Effects Producing)

An involuntary evening stroll gives an isolating city dweller a casual escape from his classic after-work routine and opens up in him a spark of a long-suppressed need.

6.    Woody

Justin Braun (Directing), Isabella Braun (Animation Effects Producing)

Will the spirit of the forest overcome the raging fire?

7.    Technical Directing Presentations

Animationsinstitut of Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg offers a 30-month training program for computer science graduates who are aiming to become Technical Directors (TD). The program combines students’ previous technical knowledge with actual film projects. Working in a production team, they learn how to solve real-world problems. They design setups and rigs, acquire experience in lighting, shading, rendering, textures and effects, learn how to work with expressions and scripts, to program tools and plug-ins, to automate animation and other processes as well as to set up workflows and production pipelines. As part of the curriculum, students can actively participate in the Institute's research and development projects.Speakers are TD students in their second year of project studies.

Justus Schmidt: Lighting & Comp "Klimax", Facerigging Tools for stylised cartoon characters, Creature Rigging

Pascal Schober: Pipeline Development "Giant & The Seed", Smart Auto Labeling Library, Shading "Oma"

8.    Slouch 

Michael Bohnenstingl (Directing)

Wannabe musical legend Slouch is pushed by his song-writing-demon Nuffti to deepdive into his darkestemotions, while also confronting his transition into a harmonic family life.

9.    Neoshin Episode 1: Coldblood

Sebastian Selg (Directing), Jiayan Chen (Animation Effects Producing), Ramon Schauer (Technical Directing), Bea Höller (Animation Supervision)

AYUKO enters the Cryonic Reality (CR) to visit the concert of the band NEOSHIN. During the concert, AYUKO is infected by a viruswhich causes EDEN to turn off her pod to prevent the spread of the virus. AYUKO begins to drown in the formerly life-extending coolant. Just before AYUKO loses consciousness, the pod opens.

10.  Mother Nature´s Power

Martin Egger (Directing), Lucas Bruchhage (Visual Effects)

The climate change crisis is an issue we can no longer ignore. We want to create a social spot that brings the idea of limiting the use of fossil fuels (Oil, Gas, Coal) and switching to renewable energy (like solar or wind) across in a short and powerful way.

11.   Tavern of Heroes

Timo Müssig (Transmedia Games Director)

“Yesterday night a valuable, magical artifact was stolen. Everyone present in the hotel at the time has been gathered in the tavern and it is your job to figure out who became a thief last night!”An experiment about audio based, environmental storytelling in interactive environments. We focus on free flowing conversations between characters which provide the player with small glimpses into the world and these characters´ backstories.The goal of this experiment is to examine the effectiveness of passive storytelling in interactive environments. Our hope is to discover techniques and practices which expand the storytelling capabilities of games and allow us to tell more elaborate stories while upholding the unique strength of the medium. Interactivity. The experience is crafted by a team of 13 people using Unreal Engine 4.

5 pm – 7 pm CEST - 17.00 - 19.00 MESZ 
BLOCK 3: PITCH_IT@Screen.Time

Host: Mark Szilagyi

Presentation of the PITCH_IT project, which FABW has conducted in cooperation with the Goethe Institute in Budapest, Hungary. Five fresh international projects from Hungary, India and Germany which are open for new partners, funding, further development, and distribution:

01 - SECURE START from Judit Sára Elek - Documentary - HUNGARY
I follow my mother's social work in an underprivileged village in the North-East of Hungary where both of us were raised. She faces huge dilemmas, like what is better for the kids: leaving or taking them away from their mothers. While I follow her, we also realise the unspoken topics between us: womanity, traumas and protecting ourselves.

02 - FOR A FISH A LAKE IS AN ISLAND from Aditi Kulkarni & Payal Arya - Fiction - INDIA
As female artists from India approaching film, confronted by our lived reality - we seek to create our version of a Fata -Morgana. 
“For a Fish a lake is an Island. Fish died, no one cried”, is a fiction film with documentary and surreal elements interweaving three different storylines: a man never returns from war, a young boy wants to save the life of his fish and a woman who constantly seeks a new reality.

03 - THE LAST DINNER from Péter Becz - Documentary - HUNGARY
An award winning master-chef enjoying his retired years in Denmark. Due to the 1956 revolution in Budapest, the young Hungarian refugee has ended up in Copenhagen, his new home. Now 65 years later meeting a new friend, a young Hungarian filmmaker living in Copenhagen urges him to look back at his life. What does it mean to be Danish, to be Hungarian and to be somewhere between? A portrait of an 80-year-old refugee of the 1956 revolution at the end of his life, told through his legacy: cooking food.

04 - CLIMATE WARS from Christina Honig - Documentary - GERMANY
Concerns about his children's future made Michael Thomas leave the army and search for a way to fight climate crisis. For more than five years now, he is trying to build bridges between the military and the society by communicating tomorrow’s security threads. Still, he's trying to find his own place between these two worlds and is questioning the effects of his work.

05 - SO THAT WE DONT WIN from Dániel Füzes - Fiction - HUNGARY
Adam, a late teenager, and his friends live in the violent outskirts of Budapest. When one of their friends is hospitalized with serious bodily injuries due to a fight, they decide to get revenge. When they accidentally beat up the wrong person Adam's guilt won’t let him be and the question raises what would a “real man” do?

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