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Porsche Award

If you are a student, please state your address at the place of study, not your family/home address and home country.
If you are not a student, please state your private address, not the film’s production address or country of origin, or similar.
I am currently (I was) enrolled at a filmschool.
If you aren't currently attending a film school and never have, please tell us what it was that made you do advertising film and when you started your professional career. Please note that you must not have been active in this field for more than three years.
Please enter an ENGLISH film title that does not reveal the identity of the sender in the film!
In case you submit a campaign: Please specify the length of each individual spot.
Before the films are screened at the award ceremony, our technical team will add a plate to the beginning of the spot that contains the film’s title and all the main credits (the plate can list up to 8 credits), which are taken from your signed application form and which will be double-checked with you before being finalized.
All opening and closing credits that indicate where the film was produced and by whom must be removed because the jury must adjudicate and select all films as objectively as possible, without any knowledge of the origin of the films.
Please upload your film without any credits, titles or info plates, and make sure the only logo shown is that of the brand.
1. I am aware that the following format specifications must be adhered to when uploading my film:
File format: Quicktime H.264/Frame rate: 25 fps (or original framerate)
Quality: 100% (optimal)/Encoding: VBR, Multipass (best quality)
Data rate: 20,000 kbit/Sound: AAC 256 kbit/s, 48 kHz
Resolution: HD: 1920x1080

2. I am also aware that my film, if it is not in English, must have English subtitles for any dialogue/slogans/products etc., and that the subtitles must be stored in the “Title Safe Area”.

I hereby declare that this film is my work, and that I am legally entitled to represent the film in this competition. All rights in my film are cleared for public screening during the award ceremony and for the “international online presence”. The rights cover all third-party rights (music, picture, sound, etc.), contributors, actors and themes.

Furthermore, I confirm that I have cleared and obtained all rights and permits with regard to the musical soundtrack and related sound items.

At Spec Spots it is not necessary to obtain the permission of the product/brand/institution. We will indicate this about Spec Spots on the online presence.

I indemnify the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg GmbH, the National Film and Television School and Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG against all liabilty and adverse claims that may be asserted by any third party.

Please consult our “Rules of the competition” for further information.

Participation implies acceptance of the eligibility requirements / rules of the competition. There is no right of appeal. The signatory assures that the information given is complete and true and in line with the conditions of entry. Failure to observe these conditions will result in exclusion from the competition.