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Ludwigsburg, 18 November 2016

The winners of the 13th PORSCHE INTERNATIONAL STUDENT ADVERTISING FILM AWARD have been announced:  

PORSCHE AWARD 2016 held in London for the first time

The judges of the 13th PORSCHE INTERNATIONAL STUDENT ADVERTISING FILM AWARD 2016 have reached a decision. On Thursday evening (17 November 2016), the independent jury announced the winners of the international advertising film prize for junior talent at a grand award ceremony at the Picturehouse Central in London – and the Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg, with three awards, once again led the field.

96 films from a total of thirteen countries were submitted, including work by film-makers from Turkey, England, India, South Africa, Nigeria, Hong Kong, the US, Israel, the Netherlands, Finland, Portugal, France and, of course, Germany.

The non-profit PORSCHE AWARD was hosted in cooperation with the renowned National Film and Television School (NFTS) in the UK for the first time this year. A total of six financial prizes in two categories (Automobile Category and Classical Category/Other Formats) were up for grabs at the Picturehouse Central in London. All prizes were conferred by Porsche AG and the value of the awards was a playful reference to the iconic 911 sports car.

The winner of the 1st prize in the Automobile Category, which came with €3,911, was HUNGRY FOR HISTORY by Florian Greth (Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg). His film for the Mercedes-Benz Museum brings the museum to life in a computer animation, which impressed the jury immensely: “The original idea of transforming a building into an animate character was wonderfully executed. And the spot conveys its message perfectly: awakening a passion for history.”

The €2,911 2nd prize in this category was awarded to THE LIGHT (directed by Minh Young, University of Television and Film Munich), which takes an unusual approach to advertising BMW’s Laserlight lighting technology. The award was accepted by the film’s author and cameraman, Nikola Krivokuca.

The trophy and €1,911 financial award for the 3rd prize went to David Helmut from the Macromedia University Munich for his film INTEGRATION for the Opel car company.

The 1st prize in the Classical Category/Other Formats, which also comes with a €3,911 financial award, went to Christian Schilling from the Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg for his spot KILL THE NOISE, in which Ohropax saves a woman from having to resort to extreme measures to deal with her snoring husband. The jury was full of praise: “An unbelievably accomplished work both artistically and technically – from the casting and acting to the art direction, from the editing to the fantastic sound design.”

The €2,911 2nd prize in this category went to DEAR BROTHER, a film for the Johnny Walker whisky brand by Daniel Titz and Dorian Lebherz (also from the Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg). The spot has already won a number of other prizes.

The trophy and €1,911 financial award for the 3rd prize went to Germain Gulick from New York University, USA. In his spot HOW NEW YORK EATS, a pizza delivery guy proves to be the ultimate saviour for a young man who’s locked himself out on his roof.

It was not only the participants who bestowed international flair on the competition, but also a jury of prominent representatives from the advertising film and entertainment industry, among them Oscar-winners Sir Alan Parker (Birdy, Angel Heart) and Hugh Hudson (Chariots of Fire). The other members of the jury included Katie Keith (owner of the Rattling Stick film company), Olivia Atkins (shots), Lyndy Stout (1.4) and Patrick Cahill (producer at adam&eveDDB), who also hosted the award ceremony.

The award ceremony will continue to be held alternately in Ludwigsburg (2017) and London (2018) over the coming years. The aim of this new direction is to attract even more international submissions and to extend the reach of the award to international markets.

You can find more information and bio- and filmographies of the shortlisted entrants and the jury at: www.filmakademie.de/de/aktuelles-projekte/porsche-award/hall-of-fame/shortlist-2016/

You can find more information on our Facebook page:

You can see all the winning and shortlisted films, along with a selection of other submissions, on Vimeo: vimeo.com/porscheaward

These were the films shortlisted by the jury for the 2016 award:


Chiara Grabmayr - Moonjourney (2'30") - University of Television and Film Munich, Germany

John Ryan Johnson - Limits Like Fears (1'30") - New York University, USA

Dorian & Daniel - Dear Brother (1'30") - Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany

Germain Gulick - How New York Eats (1') - New York University, USA

Christian Schilling - Kill the Noise (1'10") - Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany


David Helmut - Integration (2'30") - Macromedia University Munich, Germany  

Alexander Blome - The Mission (1'53") - University of Applied Sciences Karlsruhe, Germany  

Florian Greth - Hungry for History (54") - Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany  

Spencer Young - Cardboard Dreams (2'26") - National Film and Television School, United Kingdom  

Minh Duong - The Light (1'45") - University of Television and Film Munich, Germany



Award ceremony
17 November 2016  

Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg  

Cooperation partner/Joint organiser
National Film and Television School (NFTS)  

Picturehouse Central, London  

Project lead
Olivia Marten: ad-award@filmakademie.de  

Project collaboration
Hemant Sharda: HSharda@nfts.co.uk

Gillian Woods:

Press and PR (Germany)
Fenja Schnizer and Andreas Friedrich

Press and PR (England)
Vicky Hewlett

Patrick Cahill

Prize money Automobile Category
1st: €3,911 (approx. £3,550), 2nd: €2,911 (approx. £2,650), 3rd: €1,911 (approx. £1,750)

Prize money Classical Category/Other Formats
1st: €3,911 (approx. £3,550), 2nd: €2,911 (approx. £2,650), 3rd: €1,911 (approx. £1,750)

Main sponsor
Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG
Press and PR: Lukas Kunze

Other partners
shots, international advertising film publication (DVD and magazine), London 1.4, online platform for international short film talents (launched January 2012), London




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