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Application & admission requirements: Animation Artist / Effect Artist

For specific application requirements for the individual study programmes and fields of study, please refer to the following PDF documents (please click on the respective text) with important information on how to apply for individual programmes:

1. Field of study: Animation – basic study and project-based study

Basic and project-based study in the Film and Media programme (PDF)

2. Field of study: Animation – project-based study
(with the specializations Concept Artist, Animation/Effects Directing, Character Animation, Effects Artist)

Lateral entry to project-based study in the Film and Media programme (PDF)


1. Please also note the following information: 

General information about studying at Filmakademie (link)

FAQ (link)

FAQ - Applications from abroad (link)

Process & Deadlines (link)

2. Application forms - samples for viewing:

To give you a better advance impression of the various options (fields of study and specializations) for application forms in the online portal, we provide you with samples of the application forms – FOR VIEWING ONLY – below (please click to open):


3. Go to Online Registration / Applicant Portal (link)

Please note: Unfortunately, an English version of the online application form is not yet available.

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