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  • Heldenkanzler

    2011, 13:00 min.

    Vienna 1993 – Parliament.

    Many delegates are talking. A tiny man lifts himself up on the speaker’s desk. It is Engelbert Dollfuss. The other parliamentarians make fun of him loudly.  ...

  • a.maize

    2010, 02:01 min.

    Popped maize is mostly eaten with salt, sugar or other flavours, typically in the cinema.

  • Cartoon Forum Trailer

    2008, 01:05 min.

    Monsters coming to town. Creatures awake in the dawn of Ludwigsburg. During the day they are walking to the Forum to celebrate together

     ... More
  • Herbstlaub

    2007, 03:20 min.

    Herbstlaub is a coming-of-age road movie about a dot.