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  • Some Thing

    2015, 07:00 min.

    Oil, gold and fire are the treasures inside the proud giant mountains. For the little mountain it's impossible to keep up with that. He's just in possession of this tiny, strange and ...

  • The Present

    2014, 04:00 min.

    Jake spends most of his time playing videogames indoors until his mum decides to give him a present.

  • Harald

    2013, 06:35 min.

    Harald is a wrestler and the whole pride of his ambitious mother.But his true love are flowers. His mother fears her son could become a pantywaist and collects all of his folwers. ...

  • Rollin' Safari

    2012, 03:18 min.

    The Balloon Animals of the Serengeti are struggling to follow their daily routine.

  • Herr Hoppe and the Nuclear Waste

    2011, 04:17 min.

    A barrel of nuclear waste drops into the living room of Herr Hoppe an average suburbian German. He has to get rid of it and does it in his own wacky way.

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