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The camera team of a local transmission station is paying a visit to the 75 years old Ruediger Beckerle to get an interview in his workshop. Many years ago that man had begun to develop a time machine after his wife Mathilda’s death. He wants to fetch back his sweetheart. But since then totally different personalities appeared from the machine such as Napoleon, Einstein and Marilyn Monroe. They couldn’t help him. Ruediger demonstrates the capabilities of his machine. This time Salvador Dali leaves the miracle exit. He hands a biscuit to Ruediger ...

General information

Genre: Experimental Film

Production year: 2014
Length: 08:15 min.

Original language: Deutsch


Script : Julie Böhm
Script : Feline Gerhardt
Director : Julie Böhm
Director : Feline Gerhardt
Cinematography : Friedemann Leis
Sounddesign : Tobias Scherer
Sound : Samuel Gall
Sound : Driton Sadiku
Editing : Julie Böhm
Editing : Feline Gerhardt
Production Design : Julie Böhm
Production Design : Feline Gerhardt
Still Fotographer : Samuel Gall
Executive Producer : Julie Böhm
Executive Producer : Feline Gerhardt


Peter Barth
Simone Pivetta