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Killing all the flies




KILLING ALL THE FLIES is a new sci-fi-thriller series about fate, justice and life after death.

What if you could bring the dead back to life? How far are you willing to go for the ones you love? And how much would you pay to escape your own death?


LEVIN REID, a 23-year old police witnesses the killing of his girlfriend MARIE. Levin loses not only the love of his life but is even falsely accused of her murder. Helpless in the face of overwhelming evidence, Levin escapes his arrest and is determined to find the true murderer. The results of his girlfriend‘s research as a journalist are the only lead he has. Slowly, Levin begins to understand the magnitude of the events and finds himself facing a conspiracy on a scale no one could have imagined: The corporation has successfully bypassed death through a clever medical trade system. They sell eternal life to wealthy clients at the cost of innocent victims. Yet if there is a possibility for the corporation's clients to overcome death, there must also be a way to revive his girlfriend Marie back to life. At this point, Levin is ready to take any risk. He declares that he is not going to stop until he has reversed all the corporation‘s death-trades and has brought his love Marie back to life.


The 3rd Episode

Fresh from his escape from the police, a restless Levin prepares for his first killing. He plans on blackmailing the Corporation responsible for his girlfriend’s death in order to force them into helping him bring her back to life. With the help of his mysterious companion CLARA and the policeman VINCENT, Levin gets hold of information about a client who has just prolonged his life with the help of the Corporation. Packed with a gun in his hand Levin enters the client's house in order to assassinate him and reverse the life trade. But something goes terribly wrong. Levin has to escape and enters the hereafter...


Basic information

Genre: Science Fiction, Serie, Thriller

Production year: 2013
Running Time: 42:36 min.

Original language: Englisch


Director: Hanna Maria Heidrich, Alex Eslam
Cinematography: Stephan Burchardt
Sound: Bertin Molz
Editing: Friedemann Schmidt
Production Design: Cordula Kerner
Executive Producer: Alena Jelinek, Judith Schöll
Production Company: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg GmbH


Andrew Simpson, Benjamin Sadler, Patrick Heyn, Beth Park, Wil Johnson, Joel Olano, Dan van Husen, Falk Tröber, Leon Pfannenmüller


Stuttgart Filmschau Baden-Württemberg 2014
Potsdam Potsdam International Film Festival 2014
Hamburg Studio Hamburg Nachwuchspreis 2014
Potsdam Sehsüchte Internationales Studentenfilmfestival 2014


Hamburg Studio Hamburg Nachwuchspreis 2014
Beste Produktion
Potsdam Sehsüchte Internationales Studentenfilmfestival 2014

Ministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kunst Baden-Württemberg
Staatsministerin für Kultur und Medien