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Redland: Episode 1 - Power

2089, Twenty years after the end of WW3, there is only one country left on our polluted planet – the high-secured megapolis Sojus, ruled by the Communist Party. Life in the multicultural society is structured and cosy for those who obey: full employment, basic income for all, a dense social system. For those who think: total surveillance of public life, enforced conformity of the media and censorship. Religions are forbidden by law. Most plants and animal species have been extinct during the war. All resources are focused on renaturalisation – how to create biosynthetic agriculture in order to sustain the food supply. The cyberspace is now a natural binary code-based amusement park for the citizens of Sojus: casinos, hotels, spas, shoppin.

Basic information

Genre: Abenteuerfilm, Actionfilm, Drama, Interaktive Anwendung, Science Fiction, Serie, Interaktive Anwendung

Production year: 2015
Running Time: 11:50 min.

Original language: Englisch


Script: Barbara Anticevic
Director: Christian Werner
Cinematography: Julia Schlingmann
Film Music: Katrin Schweiger
Production Design: Daniel Herrmann
Executive Producer: Claudio Franke, Felix Fahle, Mark Szilagyi
Production Company: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg GmbH


Bilbao Bilbao WebFest 2016
Hamburg Wendie Webfest Hamburg 2016
Melbourne Melbourne WebFest 2016
Gießen die Seriale Giessen 2016
Buenos Aires BA Webfest Muestra Paralela 2016
Rio de Janeiro Rio WebFest 2015
Berlin Webfest Berlin 2015
Seoul Kwebfest 2015
Los Angeles Los Angeles Webfest 2015


Rio de Janeiro Rio WebFest 2015
Best Director
Los Angeles Los Angeles Webfest 2015
Outstanding Special/Visual Effects, Outstanding Sound Design, Outstanding Directing (all Student Category)

Ministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kunst Baden-Württemberg
Staatsministerin für Kultur und Medien