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  • Nollywood – Filmbusiness African Style

    2020, 65:00 min.

    "The second largest film industry in the world" (UNESCO) is called Nollywood and is based in Lagos, Nigeria. The success story of the ...

  • Von St. Pauli nach São Paulo

    2019, 31:14 min.

  • Die Anatomin

    The Lady Anatomist

    2019, 55:13 min.

    For a long time, the wax portrait of a woman was a mystery . Feminine and nobly dressed she is seen with a scalped brain in her lap. The ...

  • Oskar Schlemmer - Mensch. Macher. Visionär.

    2019, 35:18 min.

    Oskar Schlemmer - Artist. Visionary. Man.

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  • Identitätsschlüssel Kulturerbe

    2018, 31:54 min.

  • Elle

    2018, 13:55 min.

  • Nunca Más - Nie wieder Krieg in Kolumbien?

    Nunca Más - No More War In Colombia?

    2018, 36:23 min.

  • Von Neonazis und Superhelden - Die Kleinstadt Themar und der Rechtsrock

    Of neo-Nazis and superheroes – How the far right is changing a small German town

    2018, 56:01 min.

    It was the largest right-wing rock concert of the German post war era: In summer 2017, over 6000 neo-Nazis from all over Europe assembled ...

  • Schwarzfall Deutschland - Wenn der Strom plötzlich weg ist.

    2017, 21:04 min.

  • Nana und der Geist

    Haunted Mind

    2017, 46:16 min.

    Haunted Mind is a film about a young women's dialogue with "her" chronich disease epilepsy. Like a ghost accompanies the disease her every ...

  • Carretera Austral - Vorstoß ins Herz Patagoniens

    2017, 50:22 min.

    A trip on Chile’s Route 7 into the heart of Patagonia’s wilderness. What does the advance of the road mean for this unique paradise of ...

  • Galamsey - Für eine Handvoll Gold

    Galamsey - For a Fistful of Gold

    2017, 28:23 min.

    A Documentary about illegal gold business in West Africa. What does it mean for residents of a small town in Ghana to live on top of a huge ...


    2016, 27:08 min.

    High up in the sky: Right here, one of the oldest and last remaining skywriting families is working everyday. This documentary takes you on ...

  • Der Rest ist Glücksache

    2016, 45:46 min.

    With an humorous honesty the film THE END OF LIFE IS A MATTER OF LUCK tells about people who cope with the challenges of the old age in ...

  • Ein Mann, ein Fluss, ein Abenteuer

    A man, a river, an adventure

    2016, 59:30 min.

    If Europe has a soul - it's the Danube river: It crosses 10 countries, following almost 3.000km. Robin Wuchter wants to explore the river ...

  • Tage in Kurdistan

    2016, 30:14 min.

    On the way in Iraqi Kurdistan in Northern Iraq. You know this region because of the war against ISIS. But the most time, one picture is ...

  • Um uns die Welt - Osteuropäische Wanderarbeiter in Deutschland

    The World We Live In - Wandering Workers In Germany

    2016, 16:40 min.

    THE WORLD WE LIVE IN is a partly animated feature portraying Eastern European migrant workers that are subject to labor exploitation, ...

  • Unnütze Esser - Lüneburg 45

    Useless Eaters - Lüneburg 45

    2015, 32:30 min.

    May 1945: WWII is over. Yet months later, children still die at the Lüneburg Special Children’s Ward. The liberators know nothing about ...

  • Strive.

    2014, 24:53 min.

    A portrait about the ballerina Claudia Ortiz Arraiza, about striving for perfection, about passion and about the fleeting nature of beauty.

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  • Flugzeuge im Kopf

    2014, 59:00 min.

  • First Man

    2014, 35:51 min.

    Our story, thousands of generations old.

  • John Mulholland - Zauberer im Kalten Krieg

    John Mulholland – Truth and Magic

    2014, 44:38 min.

  • Mit revolutionären Grüßen

    Revolutionary Greetings

    2013, 52:00 min.

  • Butoh - Schritte zwischen Himmel und Erde

    2013, 43:42 min.

    Steps between heaven and earth

  • Der perfekte Biss - Ada und die Zahnspange

    2013, 11:06 min.

    Are you still a real vampire with crooked teeth and braces? Ada is about to fight for it, but it´s a hard way. "The Perfect Bite" a movie ...

  • Eine Geschichte des Geldes

    That Money Thing

    2013, 15:25 min.

    What is money and why does it seem you can never have enough of it?

    Mr Lehmann strays into Hardy's local pub, where he doesn't quite seem ...

  • Heimat Osten

    Coming From East Germany

    2012, 54:00 min.

    Born in East Germany, raised in the reunited country: the young generation from the former socialist part of Germany. They know the ...

  • Muttersprache

    Mother Tongue

    2012, 31:17 min.

  • Taktgefühl - Die Geheimnisse der Dirigenten

    Of Conductors and Conducting

    2011, 65:00 min.

    Touching a whole concert hall

    Controlling 80 musicians with one smile

    Shaping music without playing an instrument

    Awakening old music ...

  • Leder oder Cord

    2011, 20:30 min.

  • Lovelab - von der Erforschbarkeit der Liebe

    2010, 29:58 min.

  • Blindgänger und Blindschleichen

    2010, 28:41 min.

  • Sie alle sind unsere Kinder - Zwei Väter gegen den Kreislauf der Gewalt

    2010, 43:30 min.

  • Alice bei den Waldmenschen

    2009, 30:15 min.

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