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  • Um uns die Welt - Osteuropäische Wanderarbeiter in Deutschland

    The World We Live In - Wandering Workers In Germany

    2016, 16:40 min.

    THE WORLD WE LIVE IN is a partly animated feature portraying Eastern European migrant workers that are subject to labor exploitation, ...


    2015, 13:21 min.

    SNEAKERIZE ME tells about the sneaker-cult and portraits sneaker-lovers whose passion goes beyond buying and collecting.

     ... More
  • Unnütze Esser - Lüneburg 45

    Useless Eaters - Lüneburg 45

    2015, 32:30 min.

    May 1945: WWII is over. Yet months later, children still die at the Lüneburg Special Children’s Ward. The liberators know nothing about ...