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Karl Steinbuch Scholarship


The Karl Steinbuch Scholarship supports selected talented students in realising innovative projects related to IT or media which have an academic or artistic focus. In particular, the scholarship seeks out interdisciplinary projects that link the two interfaces of IT and Media Studies with other subjects. The duration of the scholarship lasts 12 months, the maximum amount of funding is around €830 per funded month of the project, resulting in €10,000 per project.

Students can apply both as teams with a shared project or separately. Furthermore, the project should be supervised academically by a professor. Some of the subject areas that projects which have been funded so far include:


▪ IT / Computer Linguistics

▪ Medicine / Biotechnology

▪ Materials Research / Simulation / Visualisation

▪ Architecture / Environment

▪ Film / Culture / Music


Ministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kunst Baden-Württemberg
Staatsministerin für Kultur und Medien