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Applying to study at the Film Academy

Welcome to the Film Academy Baden-Württemberg application page. Thank you for your interest in studying with us! Please read the information and the PDF files about the specific application requirements for each programme of study and specialisation carefully, before starting the online registration process. If you have any questions which are not answered here, please contact the Student Council. 

Please also note that it is only possible to apply by means of our online registration system (see below). The only exception: Technical Director.


Online application for Technical Director courses is not possible!

Please note: Online registration will open in November/December 2016.

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Dear Prospective Student,    

We would like to inform you of a recent repeal made to the State Higher Education Fees Act by the State of Baden-Württemberg, to be implemented as of winter semester 2017/2018.  

The repeal provides that, in certain instances, students will be required to pay study fees. This will affect the following candidates:  

International Students from non-EU countries

For international students, entering the EU for the purpose of studies, the State of Baden-Württemberg will henceforth impose a fee of 1,500 Euros per semester.  

Second Degree Studies

Under the repeal, students who have completed their first degree (Bachelor or Masters) must, for their second degree, pay a fee of 650 Euros per semester.  

The state government initiated the government proposal draft, as an increase in revenue was considered the preferred alternative to drastic cuts to higher education institutions and both components of the repeal were considered to be measured and reasonable.  

As before, in Baden-Württemberg there will be no general study fees for first degree studies!  

Please find further detailed information, including fee waivers e.g. fee reductions, available on the pages of the State Ministry of Baden Württemberg for Sciences, Research and Arts, via the following link:  


For further questions please contact us per email at studienreferat@filmakademie.de  

Best regards  



Study Fees