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Application process

Step 1:

Application documents and work samples

Under the heading Application & admission requirements on this page, you will find detailed information on the required application documents and work samples for your chosen degree programme.
You can upload these via the online application portal in the next step.

Step 2:

Online application portal

Please register in our online application portal first. (The portal opens on January 6th 2024)
You can find step-by-step instructions here: PDF

Once you have successfully registered, select your desired field of study in the portal. You can then enter and upload your application details and documents step by step. You can pause your application in the online application portal at any time and resume it at a later date.

Once you have entered all the information and documents/files in the portal, you can submit your application digitally.

Step 3:

Pre-selection and invitation to the entrance exam

Once your application has been received, it will undergo a formal review. This is followed by pre-selection by a selected examination committee of senior lecturers.
Here, the submitted documents and work samples are scrutinised and evaluated. If the pre-selection is successful, applicants will receive an invitation to the on-site entrance examination.

Step 4:

Entrance examination

During the on-site entrance exam at the Filmakademie, individual interviews are held with the senior lecturers of the respective department, the 72-hour exam assignment is handed out and the final interview takes place during the colloquium.

Step 5:

Presentation & feedback

The realisation of your 72-hour examination task is then reviewed during the colloquium. This is followed by an approx. 15-minute discussion with the admissions committee, in which you can describe the approach to your completed examination task in more detail.
You have now passed the entrance examination.

Step 6:


Applicants usually receive notification via the application portal within 8-10 days of completing the entrance exam as to whether they have been admitted to the Filmakademie.


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