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Application deadline

Depending on the programme of study/specialism, the application deadline is either 15 February or 15. May each year

(more information on online registration and information documentation in PDF format).


  • 30.04. Deadline for the postgraduate study TV JOURNALISM
  • 07.03. Deadline for Executive & Line Producing (application submitted)

Scope and deadlines of the application process

  • Online registration
  • Printing and sending the application documentation by mail
  • The date of the postmark indicates whether the application documentation has been submitted before the specified deadline for applications for programmes of study commencing the following September or October
  • Submission of a confirmation of receipt of the documentation and general information on the examination dates to the applicant
  • Preselection (without the presence of the applicants)
  • Notice of invitation to sit the entrance examination (mid April to mid June)
  • Entrance examinations (between March and June, depending on the programme of study)
  • Return of submitted application documentation (June to July)

Please note: We cannot provide information on whether you have been accepted or rejected over the telephone.

ATTENTION: In accordance with Section 9 of the authorisation regulations of Film Academy Baden-Württemberg, the aptitude test mentioned in Section 2 can only be repeated twice.

Please take the time to check the details in your application carefully. If you have any other general questions, please book an appointment with the Student Council:

Beate Pfennigwerth, Admissions Office/Examinations Office Manager
+49 7141 969 82110

Gabriele Bäuerle, Admissions Office
+49 7141 969 82136

Lucy-Ann Bauer, Admissions Office
+49 7141 969 82104


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