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Advertising film direction & advertising film production

The advertising film field of study offered by the Film Academy Baden-Württemberg is unique worldwide. The direction specialism has been offered since 1991, and the production specialism since 2010.

Students following a programme of study focussing on advertising films complete the general foundation course in two years. Students specialising in direction will participate in interdisciplinary practical exercises in the fields of camera work, screenplay writing and editing, in addition to their direction modules. Those specialising in production will learn the basics of general film production.

From the 5th semester, training relating to advertising films is mainly practice-oriented, and is led by four senior lecturers from the advertising industry. These lecturers provide most of the theoretical training. Two filmic works must be completed in both the third and fourth year.

A large network of independent guest speakers from the practice-oriented advertising film industry completes the theoretical and practical training course. During the course of study, there will be seminars on production management, directing and casting exercises, and lessons in the basics of production technology, as well as the topics necessary for practice-based training.

The opportunity for students to network with other departments, by means of modern methods of communication, is encouraged. In addition to conventional cinematic craft, the programme of study looks at new interactive and online formats.

The transition from the course to the advertising film sector is flowing. Excursions to visit major productions, agencies and postproduction departments in the cities of Berlin, Hamburg or London play an important role.

Teaching staff:

Prof Martin Schmid (direction)  
Zoran Bihac (direction)
Florian Sigl (Production)
Bernd T. Hoefflin (Production)

Promotional Film

Olivia Marten
Project Coordinator (ext.)
Tel:+49 7141 969 82280

Olivia Marten
Olivia Marten
Olivia Marten
Olivia Marten
Project Coordinator (ext.)
Ministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kunst Baden-Württemberg
Staatsministerin für Kultur und Medien