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Dirty Money

Have you ever thought about what kind of journey a dollar bill makes before landing inside your wallet? In an age of COVID-19 with an intense scrutiny on hygiene, no one seems perturbed about handing another person cash. While the world went into lockdown and screamed at each other to keep their distance inside Walmart, cash still made its rounds from hand to hand, from pocket to pocket, from one insanitary surface to another. In our spec spot DIRTY MONEY, we tell the story of a freshly printed ten-dollar-bill emerging from an ATM and follow its gradual unhygienic demise through the disgusting scenarios it encounters while changing its owner multiple times while asking ourselves if there isn't another way to pay?

Basic information

Genre: Werbefilm

Production year: 2021
Running Time: 00:57 min.

Original language: ohne Dialog


Director: Sinan Sevinç, Dominik Ströhle
Cinematography: Christopher Behrmann
Film Music: Alexander Wolf David
Sounddesign: Marco Dahl, Julian Berg
Editing: Bela Adami
Animation: Mario Bertsch
Visual Artist: Matthias Schaudig
Production Design: Marie Becher, Maria Schmid
Executive Producer: Elisabeth Yili Baumann
Production Company: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg GmbH
Assistant Director: Philipp Schaeffer, Lennard Fricke, Yelyzaveta Davydenko
Assistant Cinematographer: Marco Breidenbach, Julian Pfaff, Kevin Brari, Kai Bestek, Linus Heinzler, Sina Diehl, Jakob Sinsel
Costume Design: Sarah Heidelberger, Mara Laibacher
Gaffer: Philip Henze, Dennis Banemann, Garry Sonneborn
Lighting Technician: Christopher Jess, Hanna Lange, Chris Gruber, Nils Ecke, Lina Marzin
Colorist: Peter Hacker
Hygienebeauftragter: Philipp Schaeffer
Hygienebeauftragte: Britt Abrecht
Set Runner / Hygienebeauftragter: Andreas Scherlinger
Produktionsfahrer: René Sebastian Colling


Alie Kaloloh, Evin Sevinç, Duygu Kelesh, Nils Müller, Marco Nestler, Jessica Stamp, Cathy Fink


Ludwigsburg Porsche International Student Advertising Film Award 2022
Stuttgart Spotlight Festival für Bewegtbildkommunikation 2022
Cannes Young Directors Award 2021


Ludwigsburg Porsche International Student Advertising Film Award 2022
Winner Category Short Advertising Content
Stuttgart Spotlight Festival für Bewegtbildkommunikation 2022
Silber Sektion Students Fachjury Awards TV & Kino; Bronze Sektion Students Fachjury Awards Web & Mobile; Bronze Sektion Students Publikum Awards TV & Kino; Gold Sektion Students Publikum Awards Animation & VFX
Cannes Young Directors Award 2021
Gold Screen Super Short (up to 1 min) Europe & Silver Screen Film School (up to 6 mins) Europe

Ministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kunst Baden-Württemberg
Staatsministerin für Kultur und Medien