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Students studying Cinematography follow a comprehensive study programme for a duration of nine semesters. Graduates gain all artistic, technical and organisational requirements expected of a professional “Director of Photography”.

The study course is taught by lecturers who have had extensive professional practice in the film industry. The Film and Media study programme lasts for 4 years and includes technical camera training, as well as interdisciplinary modules which focus on subjects such as directing, editing and scriptwriting.

From the fifth semester the focus centres on artistic and organisational camera work within various genres in project-based study. Cinematography students are given the responsibility to work under realistic conditions with the latest technology, which is made available to them during their project work. The Cinematography study course also includes interdisciplinary workshops in film acting, VFX and production design.

Students receive support and advice on the practical realisation and creative development of projects from highly competent lecturers throughout their studies.


Supervising teaching staff:

Basic study:
Frank Barbian
Leo Borchard
Hans Fromm, bvk
Birgit Gudjonsdottir, bvk
Prof Peter Badel, bvk
Prof Jolanta Dylewska, PSC
Martin Gressmann, bvk

Project-based study:
Kay Gauditz, bvk
Klaus Merkel, bvk
Thomas Merker, bvk 

Camera / Image Design / Production Design

Roland Mönch
Study Corrdinator
Tel:+49 7141 969 82140

Roland Mönch
Roland Mönch
Roland Mönch
Roland Mönch
Study Corrdinator