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Film music

In the film music specialism of the film music and sound design programme of study, students learn about composing for film, television, radio and the theatre. During the two-year film music course, interdisciplinary seminars on screenplay writing, the history of film, and film theory are also offered. In addition to theoretical training in orchestration, instrumentation, harmonisation and sound design, students complete practical tasks by composing the music and designing the sound for films produced by different departments of the Film Academy. These productions are realised on digital audio workstations, or as ensemble/orchestral recordings.

Close collaboration with screenplay writers, directors, camera people, film makers and producers from all departments provides a broad foundation for practical training. In addition to three midi suites, students have access to a large studio in which they can record music, five pro tools suites, and a film sound mixer.

Supervising teaching staff:

Prof Matthias Raue (management)
Prof Cong Su
Andreas Kersting
Peter Gromer
Christian Halten
Vladimir Martinka
Andreas Lichtenhahn
Florian Sitzmann

Film Music

Andreas Fuchs
Project Coordinator
Tel:+49 7141 969 82105

Andreas Fuchs
Andreas Fuchs
Andreas Fuchs
Andreas Fuchs
Project Coordinator