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Sound is not just about music!

At the beginning of the 2010 Winter semester, Film Academy Baden-Württemberg’s programme of study relating to film music and sound design was expanded to include the specialism of film sound/sound design. Specialist knowledge about sound recording and sound design in film is conveyed. The content of the two-year course focusses on two professions: sound engineering for original sound, and sound engineering for post-production/sound design. Students work in various film genres, e.g. scenic films, documentaries, animated films, series, and promotional films.

This field of study is primarily practice-oriented. Students carry out all of the production steps: original sound recording on the set, sound post-production, dialogue editing, Foley (sound artists) and Foley editing, effects, sound design, music recording and mixing, and final film mixing. Together with the film music department, it is also possible to record and mix film music performed by small ensembles and large orchestras alike.

The Film Academy has studios for recording and mixing, midi studios, and post-production suites, as well as the first Dolby Atmos film mixer to be used by a European film academy.

Through the Film Academy’s interdisciplinary teaching concept, students specialising in film sound/sound design also have the chance to gain experience in other departments.

Supervising teaching staff:

Prof Gibbs Platen
Ed Cantu
Michael Lau

Prof Martin Steyer
André Zacher
Lars Ginzel
Alexander Buck
Carsten Richter
Helene Seidl
Christian Halten

FIlm Sound / Sound Post / Sound Design

Florian Dittrich
Study Coordinator
Tel:+49 7141 969 82100

Florian Dittrich
Florian Dittrich
Florian Dittrich
Florian Dittrich
Study Coordinator