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"Film montage is the only new art form that the twentieth century has produced.”   

Alfred Hitchcock

Learning objectives: personality, technical knowledge

On the one hand, film montage is a central aspect of theoretical work relating to film design. On the other hand, it also refers to the editing of the film.

In order to assert themselves in constantly-changing everyday practices, students should have acquired editorial skills in technical, aesthetic and social terms by the end of their studies. They should be qualified to work on the post-production of prime time series, TV movies, cinema films, documentaries, and cinematic essays.

Students should learn the effects of images and editing using their senses of sight and feeling, in order to strengthen their emotional intelligence. In doing so they will be able to adopt a position and act ethically. They should be able to communicate logically and effectively with directors, contractors, editors and producers, and see themselves as content and consulting managers, whose 'intellectual fathers' range from Aristotle to Shakespeare, Spielberg, and beyond. A true editor is not an operator, but rather a “consultant for dramatic editing solutions”. A role that cannot be performed by a computer.

Teaching staff:

Prof Hans Beller                
Ann-Carolin Biesenbach
Sabine Brose
Gisela Castronari-Jaensch
Prof Martina Döcker
Stefan Essl
Wolfgang Hess
Ursula Höf
Marco Jovic
Jens Klüber
Günter Schultens
Peer-Arne Sveistrup

Editing / Montage

Silke Regele
Study Coordinator
Tel:+49 7141 969 82356

Silke Regele – Studienkoordinatorin für das Studium Filmschnitt
Silke Regele
Silke Regele – Studienkoordinatorin für das Studium Filmschnitt
Silke Regele
Study Coordinator
Ministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kunst Baden-Württemberg
Staatsministerin für Kultur und Medien