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Seven Rooms

Electronic music is made for the moment, made for an emotional journey. Not composed for political or social contexts, it explores it’s emotional perception to the listener.


Electronic sounds can be abstract, cold and alien. If they’re not created within traditional sound structures and listening habits they can have an unpleasant reception.


But as soon as the music has recognisable structures it causes a feeling of friendliness and it will be easier accessible. The intense use of repetitive patterns results in a strong physical response which pulls our mind into a hypnotic condition.


These two contrary musical positions of abstract and accessible sound structures will be visually exhibited.


Basic information

Genre: Musikvideo

Production year: 2015
Running Time: 06:30 min.

Original language: ohne Dialog


Director: Martin Fütterer
Cinematography: Christian Scheunert
Film Music: Philip Scheibel
Editing: Martha Ewa Wojakowska
Production Design: Fabian Reber, Johanna Maul
Still Photographer: Michael Colella
Executive Producer: Philipp Monjoie, Annika Bauer
Production Company: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg GmbH


Hamburg ADC Nachwuchspreis & New German Director's Showcase 2016


Hamburg ADC Nachwuchspreis & New German Director's Showcase 2016
Bronze Kategorie Abschlussarbeiten

Ministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kunst Baden-Württemberg
Staatsministerin für Kultur und Medien