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Morgan Gendel


Morgan Gendel is a screenwriter, producer and futurist with 250 produced credits, including the CW Network hit, The 100, on which he served as Co-Executive Producer; Star Trek: The Next Generation and Deep Space 9; Law & Order; and The Dresden Files, which he developed and exec-produced for the SyFy network. He is perhaps best known as writer of “The Inner Light,” the Star Trek: Next Generation episode that earned him the Hugo Award for Science Fiction Writing and was recently ranked the #1 fan-favorite of that series. He is currently developing two sci-fi series with companies in the US and Europe, and his novel “Planet Six” will be available from Amazon later this year.

His love of science-fiction doesn’t end at the fiction part: in partnership with the Cornell University Aerospace Engineering department, Gendel has been short-listed for a NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts grant for HABOLITH, a novel transformable habitat he conceived for use on Mars and points closer to home. As a futurist, he has given talks on the connectome, the map of the human brain, as an outgrowth of his concept for “The Inner Light,” in which Capt. Picard has imbedded into his brain the permanent memories of another man’s life on a dying planet.

In addition to his nearly annual presence at Filmakademie as a guest lecturer, he teaches screenwriting to future filmmakers and present-day producers and writers at workshops in the U.S. and Europe.

 Morgan Gendel


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