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Basic Study

1st year: Following the introductory courses to organization, technical equipment and basics of filmmaking, specific classes within the departments are starting. Production students will take part in the Scriptwriting 1 class on Mondays. Also, interdisciplinary elements will be part of the curriculum: film history and film theory, basics of Filmgeschichte/-theorie, Employment legislation, basics of film production. Students will have to hand in a written analysis of a given film sequence. The specific classes in the production department will cover the fundamental skills required for film production: dramaturgy, script analysis, scheduling and calculation, and fundamentals of relevant laws and copyright legislation. In addition to classes, students will oversee and hands-on produce student projects.

2nd year: After initial introductory courses, specific classes in the production department start.  danach folgt der Abteilungsunterricht. Interdisciplinary elements are part of the 2nd year of study too, i.e. one compulsory optional seminar on film history or film theory. Besides ongoing production classes in dramaturgy, film production management and production, students will creatively develop content and film projects with their fellow students, overseeing these projects from development to the final stages of post-production. By the end of the 2nd year of study, students will choose their major within the production track for the following years of project studies. 

As film productions are becoming more complex as students proceed in their studies, sometimes more than one production students will jointly oversee productions.

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