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Keith Cunningham


Keith Cunningham is an internationally recognized expert on screenwriting and story development. He began leading seminars at the AFI, the Director's Guild and Writer's Guild in 1984, and has been working in Germany since 1989 as an author, consultant, professor, and seminar leader. His book, The Soul of Screenwriting was published in English in 2008 and in German in 2017.

Keith's work has taken him to over 20 countries worldwide. He has written and consulted on award winning fiction and documentary. In addition, he leads workshops in creativity and has coached many groups, including dance ensembles. In an earlier career, Keith worked as a cameraman before doing graduate studies in psychology. Keith hails from Chicago, moved to Europe in 2000, and now lives with his family in Berlin. While his interests are to many to mention, his current focus is on the question of how stories can serve society in a time of crisis and change.

 Keith Cunningham




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