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Hey there, everybody!

We are the AStA (Allgemeiner  Studierendenausschuss // Gerneral student committee) and we are the representative body for all the students at the Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg. This means, if you, as a student, have any kind of problem or want to shake up things around here, we are always the right ones to call!

At the moment our AStA consists of nine people who were elected by the student council assembly.  

So if you are already a student at the Filmakademie, if you are planning an application, or if you are just thinking about it, simply write us! We are here for everything that is on your mind.

And when this pandemic craziness is over one day, you can find us again at our official AStA office, which is located right next to the small kitchen space in the AStA room. Until then it's easier to just write us an e-mail: asta@filmakademie.de.

Of course you can also get in touch with us individually. We, the AStA, are: 

Katrin Gärtner (Vertrauensperson or person of confidence for all students)
Hendrik Ströhle (Vertrauensperson or person of confidence for all students)
Joscha Bongard
Laura Heinig
Louis Wick
Fabienne Sailer
Torben Hensel 
Jonathan Linnenberg
Moritz Schulz