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Philip Haucke

Philip Haucke won the PORSCHE AWARD in 2006 and has, since then, enjoyed a successful career in advertising, feature film and TV. He discovered his passion for film through a side job at the Babelsberg film studio while studying medicine. Enthralled by the industry, he dropped out of medical school and enrolled to study Feature Film Directing at the University of Television and Film Munich.

Philip’s creative roots are in music. He compares the creative process of making a film with the composition of a musical work and its preparation up to the time of the premiere: “I have always been interested in art forms that bring together a number of different crafts to realise a shared vision.”

Philip sees directing as a unique creative job in that it is mainly about responsibility and trusting all those involved to realise a vision exactly to plan. The focus is on everyone’s ability to lead their departments and to optimise performance together in order to achieve the best possible result. In the end the product can only ever be as good as the collaborative performance of all the creative individuals who support the director’s vision with their experience and expertise.

Excellent preparation and putting together the right team are the be-all and end-all. And yet every good production requires space for spontaneous ideas and the flexibility to question everything. And you need the courage to implement new ideas and to follow your own dramaturgical instincts.

Philip himself has certainly capitalised on the opportunities presented to him in his career so far. In addition to his work as director on the Netflix series Dark, he has also worked on adverts for clients such as Volkswagen, Ikea, Skoda and Bugatti. Festivals such as the PORSCHE AWARD helped ease his transition from film school to the professional world: “For me, the Porsche Award is one of the most important formats where you can present your work, not least because it is exclusively about young advertising film talents. That makes it unique. I established contacts with production companies and agencies during the award ceremony, and got the chance to pitch my first commercial projects following on from that. That was a fantastic opportunity and it launched my career.”

When asked about his future plans, Philip says he wants to focus on innovative stories, and to gain interdisciplinary experiences and develop new formats. Always with the aim of gripping, entertaining and surprising viewers.

Philip advises aspiring film students to dare to do new things, to explore niches, to follow their instincts and to avoid thinking too much in terms of old conventions. To have the freedom to fully express one’s creativity in a protected environment is a great privilege, and that is a key advantage enjoyed by students at any film school. Those who use this chance will also certainly be rewarded at festivals such as the PORSCHE AWARD.

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